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Although fabric singeing is well known and long established process it's relevance today to the modern finisher is greater than ever.

The constant demand for higher quality fabrics, particularly blend fabrics with their susceptibility to pilling, has focused more attention on singeing machines and the processes and ancillary equipment which surround them.

Gayatri Industrial Engineer have more than 15 years experience in manufacturing and development of different models suitable for different fabrics apart from this we have also manufacturing and supplied singing machine suitable for synthetic fabric. Model GIEX 2013 unit is the latest in along line of well proven machine.

Installed in finishing factors throughout India, Gayatri machines are processing all types of fabrics from lightweight voiles right through to heavyweight denim. These fabrics contain a wide variety of fabrics including cotton, polyester, viscose, wool, linen and blends of these and other fabrics.


GIEX 2013 Singe unit provides

  • Improved Uniformity and Efficiency
  • High Productivity speeds up to 200 mpm.
  • Process versatility for all types & weights of fabrics.
  • Repeatability and simplicity of setting through certain digital readouts.
  • Adaptable burner position.
  • Quality and Reliability.
  • Automatic Control Option.

Singeing Machine

Singe Ranges

To maximize process efficiency the majority of singe ranges now include wet process units following the singe unit. These units can be used for pad batch enzyme or oxidative desize processes. For soluble sizes, washing compartments can be included after the singe unit and if required the wash units can be followed by an impregnation.

The Gayatri wet process units are of robust, efficient design and impregnation units with various fabric capacities can be supplied. These ranges from 12-28 meters for single threaded units up to 12-50 metes for double threaded units. All are made from stainless steel with top and bottom rollers carried in large diameter bearings.

Ranges can be supplied complete with chemical feed systems and the main drive system can be by DC motors with AC/DC solid state converters or standard AC motors with variable frequency AC control.

All components of the range are manufactured by Gayatri giving the customer the benefit of "One Supplier One Responsibility".

Uniformity and Efficiency

The heart of any singeing machine is the burners. Gayatri machine use two direct flame burners with a live flame impinging directly onto the fabric surface. This is the most efficient method as well as the most economical in terms of fuel consumption.

The specially developed burner bodies with their carefully designed internal construction guarantees absolute uniformity of the singeing flame across the full width of the machine. This has been proven for all flame widths up to 3.2 meters on special purpose singe units. The twin crossed flame arrangement of each burner also ensures uniformity of treatment to the fabric. Each burner has manual controls to match the width of the flame to the width of fabric being processed, so that energy is not wasted outside the fabric width. Although the including blends can therefore be efficiently singed. Majority of machine are supplied for gas firing, petrol (gasoline) fired machine can also be supplied.


Natural and synthetic fibers react different to singeing. Synthetic fibers only burn at temperatures in excess of their melting point.

The high thermal energy of the burner flames, which can reach temperatures up to 1300°C, is sufficient to rapidly heat synthetic  fibers to their melting point. The problem of beading caused by fiber melting on synthetic or fabric is therefore minimized.

Air injector pipes are fitted to each singe surface with the air flow being fully adjustable from zero to maximum. The action of the air flowing around the singe surface aids complete combustion of synthetic fibers and helps to remove debris from the fabric surface.

All types of natural and synthetic fabric including blends can therefore be efficiently processed.


The Burner can be shifted in such way that for heavy weight fabric it can reach very near to fabric surface about 15 mm so that natural fabrics can be singed efficiently & perfectly.

For light weight fabrics or those that are particularly sensitive to heat the burner can be shifted away 25 to 35 mm and light weight fabric can be singed easily.

Bag Collection System

Designed to collect dry dust and debris from a brushing or beating unit installed before a Singe unit, different capacities are available with 4 or 6 cotton bags of various lengths. The bags are easily emptied via a draw cord in the bottom.

Brushing and Beating Machine

For efficient singeing to be achieved, brushing and/or beating is an important part of the process. Gayatri supply either 2 or 4 roll brushing or beating units; the 4 roll unit can be supplied as a combination unit.

Brushes or beaters are placed on both sides of the fabric and a mechanism is provided so that fabric contact can be easily varied from zero to maximum contact. The brushes are formed with a special chevron pattern to give a degree of fabric opening and are made from natural fabric to prevent melting of the brush tips, which can occur with synthetic brushes. Internal ducting is connected to an integral high power fan to give efficient dust extraction from the unit.

Ancillary Equipment

These tanks are designed to remove dust and debris from the air leaving the Singe unit or Beater units when installed after a Singe. Internal water sprays ensure that any sparks carried into the tank are quenched before the exhaust air is discharged to atmosphere. The dust is carried away by the waste water. This unit can be provided on suggestion of the client while placing the order.

Quality and Reliability

Machines are built to rigorous quality standards to give long trouble free service, under the most demanding running conditions. The stainless steel rollers, adjacent to the burners are all water cooled, to prevent heat distortion and to cool the fabric. Other rollers have a special non stick coating to assist in cleaning. Large access panels are built into the machine to assist in maintenance.


The mixture controllers automatically supply the correct gas/air ratio for stochiometric adjust combustion at all flame heights and are easy to when necessary. They will provide a 10:1 turn down ratio for the burnerflame.

Safety Features

All machines are designed and built to the latest standards for safety and other national standards can be conformed to when required.

The operator controls are arranged in such a way that the correct start up sequence must be followed before the burners can be ignited.

A fast flame shut off system is used for the burners so that the flame is instantly extinguished when the machine is stopped.


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