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Jumbo Jigger Machine

 Sizes Offered

60", 66", 72", 84", 90" - 120"

 Main Rolls

Ebonite / Stainless Steel.

 Mounting Frame

The frames are made of graded cast-iron rigidly connected by means of cast-iron tie bars.

 Gear Box

The drive to the main roll is given through differential gear box resulting in constant fabric speed.

 Break Arrangement

Each batching roll fitted with breaks shoe permitting adjustment of fabric tension within wide limit to suit heavy to light fabrc.

 Liquor Tank

Stainless steel through fabricated out of 304/316 qty. 16swg. At the bottom two stainless steel guide rolls of 3"Ø mounted on hylum bearing. Provision for drain, overflow provided.

 Heating Device

Perforated steel pipe for direct heating & coil if required for indirect heating provided below the guide rolls.

 Oscillating Device

Fitted above the through consisting of self balancing rocker with guide rolls of 3"Ø and ajustable pipe expanders to give stretched and creaseless passage of the fabric.

 Main Drive

3.H.P./ 7.5 H.P. Standard electric motor fitted below the gear box. Drive by 'V' belts totally enclosed. Reverse forward starter with panel box. Starters provided on either side of the gear box.


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